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junk Car removal - Billerica Towing
Junk car removal- Billerica Towing
Junk-Car Removal Billerica Towing

Do you have a timeworn junk car that is causing an eyesore, and would like to get rid of today?


You can get it towed or hauled away from your garage. How is this made possible, you may ask?


Answer: Simply by picking up your phone now and calling Billerica Towing Service on 978-788-9446…

Scrap yards or junk yards can be a serious issue to deal with!


Right here, we offer the best and most reliable junk car removal near me services in Billerica Massachusetts. While we recognize that many of our competitors providing junk car removal service do their best; we make sure to go beyond the best and offer a junk car removal solution that’s satisfying and rewarding. Let’s help you with the best free junk car removal Billerica, MA has to offer.

Immediately upon retrieving your vehicle, junk your car for cash free removal with our service


If you have an old or obsolete car, truck, SUV or van and want to quickly have a local junk car removal company remove it quickly, feel free to contact us and one of our vehicle assessment specialist will have it done same day.

Your vehicle doesn’t need to be running or be drivable to have it removed. Our junk car removal Massachusetts service will help you tow it from any location within the state and move it out of your way forever at no cost to you.

Billerica Towing Service has built a countrywide reputation for swift, honest, and dependable towing service.


Call us at 978-788-9446 and we will set an appointment for your junk car removal regardless of location, and at your convenience with regards to your schedule. In most situations, depending upon the particulars of your junk car, you may not have to be present at the time of pick-up.  

Know that we can pick up any vehicle, irrespective of circumstance and provide free towing for junk car removals.


Our towing operators can usually pick up your junk car within 20 minutes and 2 hours after your phone call; however this is dependent on your location. Our junk car removals can be accessed all day from Monday through Friday and on weekends as well. When calling for your junk car removal service, you will be required to have the title to the car or truck you wish to remove; and where you don’t have that title, we can help advise on how you can acquire it.

Call us now and let’s get to work to help you remove your unwanted or abandoned vehicle fast and with cash.

Don’t wait! Call us right now