Billerica Towing Service

Privacy Policy

We’ll make it Very Simple.

What do we collect of your personal info if you are on our website?

Not a Darn thing if you are just here as a visitor to our site.

Do we ever collect anything?

We’ll collect only if you enter anything on our website as to when you email us for a service of one type or another. With that said the only info we would collect would be your email address if you contacted us via email for a quote or used it to communicate with us about potential services we could do for you.

How about Cookies?

We don’t ever use anyone’s cookies for tracking purposes.

How about a 3rd party disclosure?

We have never sold, provided or trade any of our information with anyone. We don’t like when someone does it to us, so why would we do it to you.

Contacting Us

If you have any particular questions for us, you may contact us via call us at 978-788-9446.