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We offer a variety of Billerica MA Tow Truck services that are highly reliable and competitively priced. Our heavy duty towing and roadside assistance delivers 24/7-hour tow truck towing service and road assistance using a large fleet of advanced tow trucks to assist when our clients’ vehicle breaks down. 

We have the right equipment for your towing requirements.

As a tow company, we have the right equipment for your towing requirements. We have a fleet of light duty trucks to access parking garages and deliver routine tow calls. We also have an adaptable duty fleet that has the capacity to navigate effortlessly through crowded highways and tow a wide range of vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles and other heavy duty machineries). Our heavy duty trucks are purely designed to tow even the heaviest trucks on the road today and have the capacity and power to meet the toughest towing or roadside assistance challenges.

We have a dedicated fleet of light duty and flatbed tow trucks

This is particularly developed and designed for any 4-wheeled vehicle and with mass capacity between 0 and 10,000lbs. With our light duty towing trucks, we are able to tow all kinds of cars and light trucks with cutting-edge wheel lift systems. With these trucks, we are also able to use for towing all kinds of vehicles from the luxurious to fleet vehicles. With a flatbed tow truck, we can offer damage-free towing for luxury and low profile automobiles.

10,000 lbs

We offer the best towing service 24/7 all year round and fully trained operator.

Our operators are well-versed in the industry and can provide assistance by sending the right type of equipment and personnel for your condition at any hour of the day. Count on us exclusively as our operators are fully trained, Industry Certified and constantly tested to guarantee best in class service. Billerica Towing Service has a wide range of medium & heavy duty trucks to effortlessly manage larger, weightier trucks & equipment. With highly skilled operators that are well trained to take care of heavy vehicles and that know very well how to transport vehicles securely from point A to B, damage free, you can completely count on us.

Our tow truck operators have many years of experience hauling a variation of vehicles and equipment including; dump trucks, tractor-trailers, heavy excavating equipment, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

24 hours

We also tow semi-tractor trailers with our under lift equipment

With our advanced tow equipment – our tow trucks haul most large vehicles including large fleet trucks, tour city buses and tractor trailers, , among others.

We are 

Hazmat Certified Recovery specialist

We are Hazmat Certified Recovery specialists with many years of experience to provide world-class towing services in Billerica MA.

24 Hour Towing Service 

We provide a 24 hour Billerica MA Tow truck service that’s first-rate and that is dependable and affordable.

The benefits of working with our tow truck company is because of the large volume of equipment, super quick roadside assistance and the ability of our advanced tow trucks attending to traffic issues and delivering required solution to every challenge in this context.

Wrecker Service Billerica MA

We are the most dependable and trustworthy towing company in Billerica MA providing best wrecker service. Whenever you get stranded on the road side due to a broken car, truck or motorcycle, our licensed wrecker experts will be there to tow you, promptly!


It doesn’t matter if you vehicle is in your garage, or in another town, our experts can help tow it to the automotive repair shop of your choice. And in case you have been involved in an accident, we are available 24/7 to drive to the scene and help get your vehicle to the right collision repair shop.


We can also help diagnose faults and provide repairs if possible right on the spot.

4 Wheel Drive Towing Billerica MA

If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle or all-wheel drive that you drive around town you’re your workplace or for cruising, we will be more than happy to arrive at your location to help provide the best towing solution for your vehicle. Should your 4-wheel drive develops a breakdown on the road side or at your premise, just give us a quick call at 978-788-9446 and we’ll be right there at your service.

Roadside Assistance Billerica MA

Not only do we have expert drivers as part of workforce, our fleet of tow trucks are also the best you can get in the state. We can provide a solution for any type of towing requirements, and deliver the best roadside assistance where drivers encounter roadside challenges.

All Wheel Drive Towing Billerica MA

As a towing service Billerica MA we are also able to provide a tow truck service specifically for all wheel drive vehicles. These all-wheel drive vehicles need to be towed in a special way with specialized equipment. Remember when calling for roadside assistance and you need a tow service to always mention that you have an all-wheel drive vehicle. Find out of the towing company you called is capable of handling your vehicle properly.

Flatbed Towing Billerica MA

We have the finest of flatbed tow truck fleet around. Our vehicles are well equipped with the latest safety features to assure that your vehicle gets to proposed destination, securely.

Automobile Repossession Billerica MA

Billerica Towing Service is also an auto recovery company where we can do automobile repossession services in Billerica MA. We pride ourselves as a quick vehicle recovery or reclamation service, we’re here to deliver our full support and provide as positive an experience as possible for these types of services.

Battery Charge Service Billerica MA

If your vehicle refuses to kick start due to faulty battery at any point in time or location, we’re just a phone call away, we will quickly come over to your place in need and help give your battery a boost or charge it up.  

Battery Jump Start Billerica MA

You know you’re in need of a battery jumpstart if your vehicle refuses to start. Call us at 978-788-9446 and we’ll be there for you 24/7 to help you get your battery get back to life.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Billerica MA

Should you need road assistance at odd hours, 2 am early in the morning on the wrong side of the road, or 8 pm in the evening on a Sunday; our emergency roadside assistance will help provide you with the best solutions for your needs. 

Emergency Towing Billerica MA

We provide the best Emergency towing service in Billerica that will help tow your vehicle (car, truck or motorcycle) at moments when you need help the most. No matter what time of day you need and emergency tow we’re here 24/7! You can even email us with your requests HERE.

Gas Service

If you need gas supplied, we provide this service also, with the convenience of 24/7 delivery.

Heavy Duty truck towing service for large trucks

With our advanced fleet of trucks, we have the full capacity of providing Heavy Duty truck towing services for very large trucks.

Free Junk Car Removal Billerica MA

If you need to evacuate your junk car from your garage or any other location, we provide the best free junk car removal service in Billerica MA.

Lock Out Service Billerica MA

If you have been locked out, misplaced your keys, we can help provide a proper solution to open up your vehicle or tow it to a repair shop of your choice.

Long Distance Towing Service Billerica MA

We are not held back by location. This means that we can provide a quick service response for long distance towing solutions in Billerica MA. 

  • Whatever is your location in Billerica Massachusetts, we provide the best of Motorcycle Towing, Passenger Car Towing, Safe Wheel Lift Towing, SUV Towing, Tire Change & Repair, Private party impounds, trespass towing, Truck Roadside Service, Vehicle Storage, Winch & Recovery Service.

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